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An application for entrepreneurs who want to easily create a website that brings results and keep it under control. No programming.

6000+ users used the Mioweb application to easily create and freely operate sales websites.

created websites

Having a sales website does not mean

  • 1
    Managing your campaigns and on-line business according to when your programmer has time.
  • 2
    Wasting your time by explaining even the smallest adjustments.
  • 3
    Avoiding the possibilities of modern on-line marketing and sales, because your website does not support them.
  • 4
    Driving people around the website instead of focusing on your business and customers.
  • 5
    A need for a long-term project when requesting the extension of website functions.
  • 6
    Getting upset when working with your website.

"Turnkey" website from the agency

  • High initial financial and time investment.
  • You wait days or weeks for the necessary adjustments during the operation of the website and it costs you more money.
  • You control campaigns and website improvements based on when the programmer has time.
  • The end of the project when you stop understanding the supplier.

Free website

  • The result often does not look professional.
  • Limited selection or complete lack of marketing and sales functions.
  • It is extremely complicated to connect other tools and systems to the website.
  • You follow the technical limitations of the program, not what your business needs.

I want to finally have my website under control and sell on it.

You have just missed


Without a functioning sales website, you are losing customers right now and the opportunity to focus fully on your business.

Reach the right people, give them the value and sell. While reading this text, your site could simply provide value to your visitors. Start communicating with them and turn them into customers at the right time. All this automatically.

The best. Dot.

Mioweb provides the benefits and background of web editors. It allows creative people without technical knowledge to quickly build a website and continue to operate and edit it. But unlike many other applications, it does not end here.

Mioweb is primarily designed for creating sales websites and thus offers the quality of marketing functions at the level of a professional agency website. It allows you to tailor your website exactly to your product, audience and funnel.

  • 1
    First step

Goal and functionality

Think about the goal and structure of the website that will best suit your business. Choose the right marketing and sales features to help your site meet your goals and guide your visitors. Think about how to publish content.

Our educational materials, which you have automatically accessible together with the application, will help you with the design of customer paths, funnels, the choice of marketing functions and the creation of effective web content.

  • 2
    Second step


Thanks to the visual editor and the "drag and drop" system (add individual elements to the page by simply dragging from the menu), simply create the web page. For maximum simplicity, choose from hundreds of designs for complete websites, pages or content blocks.

Like the more than 6,000 users who did it before you, you don't have to know how to program or have technical knowledge. When you need it, you can use our manuals and technical support. In Czech.

  • 3
    Third step

Marketing and sale

Use the connection with marketing tools such as Smartemailing or Mailchimp. Simply connect the FAPI invoicing system, SimpleShop and the GoPay payment gateway. This completes the sales system and turns your website into a merchant who sells 24 hours a day without your intervention.

You can handle the interconnection of individual systems thanks to the pre-prepared paths in the application and our detailed instructions. Or you can use the services of professionals in our Marketplace and they will take care of everything.

  • 4
    Fourth step

Vending machine

Everything is running automatically now. We deal with the technical background and ongoing updates. You now focus on your business and campaigns. Focus on your customers and the products you use to improve their lives. Customize your website as you like. Exactly as your business grows and the situation demands.

Your monthly tariff always provides you with the latest version of the application with all the new features that we will add to it.

  • 5
    Fifth step


We know that the tool alone may not be enough to succeed. Therefore, together with the application, you will also gain access to our educational materials. These will help you make full use of the website, both technically and in terms of marketing. At the same time, you have a team of our technical support, which you can contact with questions both by e-mail and by phone.

All educational materials, instructions and videos are completely in Czech language. On the technical support line, you can talk to our team every weekday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Made for people like you.

6000+ users have already made it easier to sell online thanks to the decision to go to the action and create their website on Mioweb.

I simply enjoy creating a website.

After years spent in various jobs, I decided to leave my comfort zone in 2010 and resigned.

Finally, I can create websites playfully, carefully and with ease.

After twelve years of creating websites, I found myself frustrated by the coding and programming phases. Mioweb heard the call of my heart and gave me a reliable tool.

For your convenience. Mioweb.

When will YOU get the opportunity to easily and freely create your online background, pass on value to people and sell?

  • Run your website freely
    With Mioweb you have complete freedom, you pay monthly and you can stop at any time, without notice, domain blocking and other nonsense.
  • You have every other website at half price
    We appreciate your favor. You pay half the price for every other website you run with us.
  • Know-how is included in price
    Along with the application, you gain access to educational materials that will support you in the creation and operation of your website.
  • You understand everything
    The web editor, web administration, instructions and educational materials are complete in Czech language.
  • You have our support
    Our technical support is available to you every weekday from 9 am to 4 pm by phone and e-mail.
  • You can ask the proffesionals anything
    Do you want someone to do part of the website for you? Take the opportunity to order the help of a professional from our Marketplace.

For better results.

Have a look why Peter moved all his websites under Mioweb.

"I used to have my website programmed on an html system and I can tell you that it was quite hell because the world is changing and everything is evolving and when you just need to make a flexible change, it just takes time and you have to constantly pay the programmer to do it for you. Mioweb allows me to react flexibly to the situation and change the web as often as I need to get the best results. "

How much does Mioweb cost?

Price is 90 $ without VAT per month.

You pay Mioweb monthly, without commitments, with the option to terminate the service at any time.