A professional website you will manage to build without a web developer

MioWeb will meet your wishes of having a website you create with joy

No matter if you sell clothes, run a restaurant, or provide hot air balloon flights, with MioWeb, you are always going to create the right form of web presentation – quickly, easily and without any coding knowledge.

Different web every time

Every kind of service requires a different layout of the website. This is why MioWeb offers a customizable solution to meet your specific needs. With us, you can create a product website, personal website, blog, company website, e-shop or any other type of web.

You don’t even have to design the layout. There are dozens of tested templates ready for you to choose from, which are fully customizable to your liking.

Minimum steps, fast adjustments

By the time you click through the administration, you may not even remember what you wanted to change… This is exactly something that will never happen to you in MioWeb. You just need to click on a chosen text and start editing.

You have your own login details, therefore you don’t need to chase the administrator for weeks to do your edits. You simply log in and make changes in just a few clicks.

Truly professional design - like made by a webmaster

MioWeb also comes with graphic elements, which will really fine-tune your website. You will see for yourself, details in this case matter.

Do you prefer an interactive presentation full of dynamic features or a static website? MioWeb can do them both. It’s only up to you which one you choose. 

Modern contemporary features

Internet and user preferences change. You don’t need to re-do the whole website every 3 years due to the old-fashioned looks and missing modern functions. MioWeb adapts to new times and keeps developing new functions required by a contemporary website.

Even now, MioWeb contains features that are unique and usually for a much higher price than another solution. Thanks to the capabilities and features it has, MioWeb is enjoyed by beginners as well as professionals.

You control the view yourself

No deformed pictures, overlapped blocks or undecipherable characters when loading website on a mobile phone. Pages optimize automatically for different devices and you can also customize the settings yourself to make the website look perfect on PC, mobile or tablet.

Website administration
common scenario vs. MioWeb

A number of entrepreneurs often face problems coming from cooperating with administrators. They are so busy, hence their services are highly paid and one needs to wait sometimes even for weeks to have the work done. This becomes a problem when you need to update product information, change contact or insert a new subpage – and you need it urgently. The solution? MioWeb and independent website administration. You adjust what you need, and apart from a mild annual payment, it will only cost you a few minutes of your time.

See for yourself how simply you can create and modify your website in MioWeb:

What MioWeb users say

To be honest, when I heard about MioWeb I was quite sceptical, but I have quickly changed my opinion in the moment I had the chance to try it. It is comfortable, intuitive, you instantly see the changes you make, it is brilliant. I got excited about the new possibilities for my website.

Erika Čákorováonline entrepreneur

MioWeb simplified my business in the field of web design. In the situation I have the content ready, creating a website is a matter of several days at most. I appreciate easy work with the visual editor, which further offers inserting the own source code. Thanks to MioWeb being run in WordPress, it is possible to add basically anything by using plug-ins or by coding.

Martin Chramosilweb designer

I have been using MioWeb for over 3 years. I think it saves times when creating a website at least by 50%. From my own experience, I know this is one of the best themes on the market. I can only recommend MioWeb and I thank for it.

Jan TipmannGraphic Designer

I have been buidling websites for over 10 years. But it was two years ago when I built my first website in MioWeb when my passion connected with a perfect tool that enables to create modern funtional websites with the maximum simplicity.

Lukáš Kochrdawebmaster

When you start seeing something in front of you-you could barely imagine you were capable of doing, it is a huge dose of energy that moves you forward. I have to admit that I got prouder and prouder with every page I created.

Michala MěřínskáFemale beauty specialist

I started using MioWeb at the beginning of 2015 when I lost my webmaster. I got a grasp of it within a few hours and I fell in love so much that I have created dozens of websites only thanks to this theme since then.

Mário RoženskýEffective E-mail Communication Provider

Thanks to a free e-book and my website, I have closed deals worth 6,800 EUR in commissions within the first two months. Now I have 6 specific business cases open.

Ivana CikánkováProperty Sales Expert

Samples of websites created in MioWeb

Get inspired by web projects created by our customers. Thanks to a wide range of functionality you can build basically any type of a website.

Who stands behind MioWeb


created over

Websites in MioWeb

The general rule is, that the best products are born when their inventors are missing a tool to solve their current situation. And this is exactly the case of how MioWeb was invented.

In our company, we were building new websites for different projects and their number was growing fast. The only person who managed creating and administrating websites was Martin Dolenský. We were 100% dependent on his knowledge and time, which, however, was waning.

It was Martin, who, in 2012, came up with an interesting thought. His vision was simplifying the whole process that everybody in the company would be able to do the website administration.

This is why he started developing this theme – and the „MioWeb cornerstone“ was laid.

Version 1.0, which significantly simplified website administration was introduced the following year. Martin didn’t get comfortable with this version and started developing version 2.0, which was supposed to bring greater user-friendliness and modern website functions.

The new version was introduced to the market in August 2014 and caused a revolution in the website building (in the Czech Republic). Website building and administration had become even more simplified and a wider scale of functions also enabled advanced editing. With MioWeb 2.0 everybody from entrepreneurs, business owners to individuals got a theme where they could do basically everything on their website from A to Z by themselves and yet professionally.

A complete newbie in our family is version 3.0, which was introduced at the end of 2018. This version pleased mainly beginning amateur web designers because all the functions are clearly and coherently organized – especially regarding web design. Currently, there is no need to set the design of every single feature on the individual pages separately, it is possible to make the adjustments for the whole website uniformly. Therefore building a website has become faster and more user-friendly. Thanks to this, a website can be built by a complete beginner. 

Today, MioWeb team consists of dedicated programmers, marketers and customer support workers, who are always ready to help you.

7 in 1

Current MioWeb contains 7 professional modules.
Choose only the ones you need for your business. 


Dozens of templates for landing, registering, content, webinar, sales and other pages.


Publish interesting blogs regularly, attract the attention and increase website traffic.


Simple little e-shop integrated into your website without making any changes.

Member sections

Share paid content with your customers in a closed member area.


A system of gradually revealing free content with a great final sales touch. Everything automatically and smoothly.

Connection to e-mail

Web forms connected to e-mail marketing tools, that automatically return visitors to your website.

Connection to sales

Integration with FAPI.cz app enables to send, dispatch and deliver products in the shortest possible time.

… and everything fully responsive

Ready for all mobile devices.

Basic MioWeb features

Page templates

Dozens of templates for fast creating of new content.

Intuitive edotor

See the page as the visitor.


Create your own blog with a clearly-arranged list of posts.


Easy to set attributes for using links on Facebook.

Everything in English

MioWeb speaks your language, as our customer support.


Simple setting of SEO parameters for search engine optimization.

A/B testing

Possibility of testing the attractiveness of two pages for customers.

Pop-up windows

Editor and templates for pop-ups for more active selling.


The option to insert measurement codes from your affiliate program.

E-mail marketing

Only two clicks away from connecting with SmartEmailing, GetResponse, MailChimp, AWeber.

Online sale

Effective online sale by using FAPI.cz sales forms.

Responsive website

Every page is automatically adjusted to all devices.

How much is this going to cost you?

Purchase a two-year MioWeb licence and get

month of using for FREE
MioWeb Standard
202 $
1 year
Everything necessary for a beautiful and functional website.
MioWeb Eshop
305 $
1 year
Website with e-shop and tools for selling.
MioWeb Member
357 $
1 year
Website with member sections and campaigns.
MioWeb Profi
461 $
1 year
All in one: website, e-shop and member sections.

For a payment equivalent to the standard mobile phone tariff with unlimited calls, you get 100% control over your web promotion and the possibility of instant adjustments anytime you think of an improvement.

Got any questions?

If you are interested in any of these questions, just click on them to read the answer:

I have my own website and I would like to transfer it to MioWeb, is it possible?

A fast website transfer built on a different theme or a system isn’t possible. You need to re-create the whole website in MioWeb. Of course, you can keep your domain and use it for creating your website in MioWeb.

What to do in case I have a functional website and I would like to transfer it to MioWeb, but I want to keep the old version running until the new one is finished?

When purchasing MioWeb, state a different domain in the order, either your own or a new one. We recommend you choose a name you could potentially use in the future, even though you use it only to create a temporary website. Once your new website is ready, e-mail to our support and ask for transferring the website content to the required domain.

In case you still haven’t found the answer to your question, do not hesitate to e-mail it to us to podpora@mioweb.cz.

Create your website with joy and love

Take the responsibility and take care of how you present yourself online. Who else can present their product or service better than you after all!